An analysis of the book abraham lincoln vampire hunter by seth grahame smith

I am also a sucker for the fight for justice and the idea that, in that, there can never truly be a black and white definition of what is right and what is wrong. Lincoln runs for the U.

In modern times, Sturges approaches a man at a bar in Washington, D. Lincoln becomes an abolitionist. That night, Lincoln sees Barts break into his house and attack Nancy. Douglas in what became known as the Lincoln—Douglas debates. The vampires like having an enslaved race of disposable people for easy and quick snacking.

Lincoln successfully finds and defeats Barts. And yes, this counts as three Stephen King nods. At every stage of his history — from his youth in Kentucky through to Washington DC, vampire slaying was always a part of his life But Vampire slaying was more than just a part of his life.

Vampire Hunter With the release of his new book, Seth Grahame-Smith took some time to offer his Top 10 Horror Inspirations--the movies, music and books that set him down this dark literary path.

Early battles, such as the First Battle of Bull Rungo poorly for the Union troops after they are attacked by Confederate vampires. When Abraham Lincoln is only eleven years old, he learns from his father Thomas that vampires are, in fact, real.

Though Sturges warned him not to form any close relationships, Lincoln develops romantic feelings for Mary. We also get to hear about how Sturges came to America and became a vampire, which has to do with the mysterious disappearance of the Roanoke Colony.

It by Stephen King - I'm an unabashed King worshipper thus the multiple references on this list - and I'm restraining myselfand this more than any of his books in the 80's scrambled my brains for breakfast.

The civil war happened because of the vampires. Adam captures Lincoln and tries to recruit him, revealing his plans to turn the United States into a nation of the undead. The original idea was the brainchild of Jason Rekulak, an editor at Quirk Books, a tiny independent publishing house based in Philadelphia.

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He also falls in love twice—the first time with Ann Rutledge killed by vampiresthe second with Mary Todd whose dad is an ally of vampires, but Abe decides he can live with that. We start with Abe Lincoln as a boy, unhappy with his father Thomas, and especially unhappy with the vampire Jack Barts, who killed his mom Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

Lincoln's mother is killed by a vampire. Monday, May 28, Review: In a world where vampires are real insert scary image of fangsonly one man can save America from undead domination.

Book Review – Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

And then Okay, actual Spoiler Alert. Senate and debates Stephen A. Henry calls vampires to be killed 'those who deserve it sooner' in his letters. The rest of the book is the story of those journals and some interviews and probably some notes cribbed from Wikipedia.

Reception[ edit ] The Los Angeles Times gave Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter a positive review, noting that "a writer who can transform the greatest figure from 19th-century American history into the star of an original vampire tale with humor, heart and bite is a rare find indeed".

The success of the book led to other mash-ups including “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” also written by Grahame-Smith. The film adaptation premiered on February 5,starting Lily James, Sam Riley, and Matt Smith, playing the roles of Elizabeth Bennet, Mr.

Darcy and Mr. Collins. Seth Grahame-Smith's second innovative alternative history horror novel is simply going to bowl you over and knock your socks off!!

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is an adventure into the faux biographical journals of our 16th United States President, Abe Lincoln.5/5(6). Listen to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. Stream or download audiobooks to your computer, iPhone or Android.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is a biographical action horror mash-up novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, released on March 2,through New York–based publishing company Grand Central Publishing. Books by Seth Grahame-Smith Seth Grahame-Smith Average rating ·ratings · 27, reviews · shelvedtimes Showing 14 distinct works.

It took me no time to read this book, I found it a fascinating way of seeing history unfold through the eyes of Abraham Lincoln (as translated by Seth Grahame-Smith) I like that the author picked Abraham Lincoln as the Buffy the Vampire-slayer of the 's/5(K).

An analysis of the book abraham lincoln vampire hunter by seth grahame smith
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