How to write a sell sheet for books

Creating a Book’s Sell Sheet

Why is it important. But the bookstore won't sell your book. What are the benefits.

Sell Sheets: How to Pitch Your Book to Reviewers

Sell Sheet Software There is all kinds of great free software available to you when you are creating your sell sheet. Use the more well known reviewers or larger book blog review snippets toward the top of your reviews section. That said, I think a sell sheet is still a great thing to have in my arsenal in case I need it.

Build up and fully explain the problem. The goal of your page design should be to make it a user-friendly, quick read for agents and editors. Bookstores buy books that are selling.

That is your job. Why is it unique. You have knowledge, experience, skills. Your proposal should include the output of the three first steps discussed above reader identification, benefit definition, structure. Only use more if there is a clear need to clarify a specific benefit. The best tag lines offer the main benefit of the product or the solution to a long standing problem.

If you can't clearly define the specific benefits readers will get from your book, you are not ready to proceed. You may be a successful author even if you ignore the steps outlined here. If you are unsure how best to do this, read the text on the back of books on your shelf or in bookstores.

How will the book be structured. I did not realize so much of it had to be done face-to-face. The final chapter will always be a summary in which you tell the reader what you told them, being sure to re-emphasize the benefits that the book has offered. Your bio should focus on your qualifications for writing your story or nonfiction topic.

How to Create a Sell Sheet

You could work really, really hard for not much money. Pictures of your invention Line drawings Images of key features Do not get carried away with graphics.

You may wonder if publishers aren't supposed to do this. A book differs from a presentation to a group. Although you can do one book sell sheet for whole series, typically a sell sheet exists for each book you release. The person that you hand this sheet too will read it just as you would — they are going to quickly scan it from top to bottom with their eye stopping briefly on focal points on the way down.

If a product is available in a range of sizes, colors or models, include shots of the different versions. To actually create your sell sheet you will want to use vector based software such as Inkscape or Scribus.

I would much prefer to focus on writing rather than selling. Sample Sell Sheet Want help putting your sell sheet together?. Other terms used for this page are sell sheet or pitch sheet, which help to communicate its purpose: to make editors and agents think your book is special too and want to request a proposal.

my first MS. My goal is to complete #2 and have it ready for ACFW These are both stand alone in a series. Do I write a separate one sheet for. Sell Sheet Music Books. If you have your sheet music bound in a collection of songs, you can add that to your Store as well.

Include shipping per item, and once you make a. A sell sheet is basically a cover letter for your book. It’s sometimes called an info sheet, fact sheet, dealer sheet, or pub sheet—you know, just to make things more confusing for you.

Conversely, a sell sheet is more of an announcement and tells about the sales and marketing aspects of your publishing program. Put the Title of Your Book at the Top of the Page. Make it bold and include the subtitle or tag line you've created. And a book sell sheet can also be part of the independent author’s toolkit.

It’s quick and easy to produce and it can help you form relationships and, ultimately, sell books and promote your business.

Here are 7 tips to remember when using book flyers and sell sheets to market your work. Keep your Flyer Design Simple Many times, you’ll see marketers crowding every piece of information they can think of on one ” x 11” or “4 x 6” flyer.

How to write a sell sheet for books
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How to Write and Sell a Successful "How To" Book